3D Knitting Is Rocking the Fashion World

3D Knitting Is Rocking the Fashion World

Right now there’s something even cooler than 3D printing that’s taking place in the fashion industry. It’s called 3D knitting and it’s amazing!

Imagine making whole outfits without any seams, all knitted in full color. 3D knit technology is making it less complicated than ever before to build textile products quickly at low cost. This technology will undoubtedly spur innovation in wearables. Here’s a review of a few must-know things about 3d knitting.

First, 3D knitted products are to fashion what 3D printed goods are to plastics.

It’s hard to manufacture fashion products in the United States. The costs are high, and the quality is just as good going through Asian sources. But in corporations like Nike and UnderArmour, 3D knitting allows products to be created and manufactured in the US without sacrificing on margins. Some iconic products are actually selling, such as the Nike FlyKnit and UnderArmour’s Speedform Gemini shoes, both seamlessly knitted on 3D knit machines.

Now how does 3D knitting do the job?

Essentially a lot of individual strands of most any material, organic or synthetic, are fed into a sophisticated machine that manipulates teeny knitting needles. A machine head goes back and forth along the line of needles to build up layers of fabric, thus creating virtually knit style. These types of computer-driven devices harness the power associated with 3D CAD software to build products visualized in a computer system.

The truly amazing part of this production process is that products are knit without any seams. Sometimes 3D knitting is called “seamless” or “wholegarment”. Once a product is designed in the software, all it takes is the click of a mouse to fire off a round of production.

3D knit products appear in almost many forms: shirts, pants, dresses, lingerie… and there are more and more every day.

The technology is highly effective for creating sportswear. However it is just as easy to make most types of outfits, even winter apparel like overcoats that come with pockets knitted as a single article with no seams. Amazing!

At this time the fashion marketplace is based almost entirely on merchandise which can be slice along with sewn in concert. Using this method gets to be useless along with 3d images knitting. Right now apparel are imprinted within one-offs along with can even be fully personalized on the individual purchasing them.

On account of your creativity associated with proficient manufacturers along with engineers around the world, your technological know-how is starting to spread. It’s possibly accessible right here in the united states, along with we’re going to tell you where to find it. Read on.

Another must-know fact about 3D knitting is that it makes fashion production less expensive than ever before.

Forget about sewing products together. With 3D knitting, your new fashion comes fully finished out of the machine! No longer do you need to make huge capital investments to produce an item. Prototyping and testing your design is cheaper than ever before, letting you go from design to a scaled creation in as little time as a day.

How is this possible?

CAD software allows design and layout to combine with complex knitting machinery, making the technology accessible to anyone who can learn to design on a computer. It is an innovator’s dream.

New marketplaces are opening for 3D knitted goods. Some key companies provide the machinery and software, including Shima Seiki, Stoll, Karl Mayer, and Santoni. There are three basic types of 3D knitting too: flat knitting, warp knitting, and circular knitting.

There are some excellent YouTube videos demonstrating the technology on YouTube.