A Detailed Insight Into the Most Popular Free Apps for Music Lovers

A Detailed Insight Into the Most Popular Free Apps for Music Lovers

Just like reading gives book lovers the mental peace and satisfaction, music enthusiasts find their mind peace in music. Hence, if you think music is your escape and ready to discover a ‘music world’ that can go anywhere with you, installing a music streaming app on your phone is the best thing to do. Mobile technology is emerging in such an exponential way that getting your favourite pieces of music and playing it anywhere at anytime is no more a complicated thing. Here is a list of a few popular free mobile applications that every music enthusiast would love to have on their mobile phones.

#1 Spotify

This music application is pretty much popular among the music lovers worldwide. This brilliant app not only lets you follow your favourite artists but using it, you can easily sync any music from the desktop. More interestingly, it would help you to create the radio station where Spotify would play only recommended music of your interests. Searching for new releases, top lists, albums, discography of your favourite artist becomes very easy using Spotify. If you are following any particular artist on this app, when that artist releases something new, Spotify would send you a push notification. iOS, Windows, Android – this app works perfectly on every operating system.

#2 Google Play Music

If you are looking for such a platform where you can listen to your personal music library without any kind of interruption of ads, this Google Play Music app is the best choice for you. This app allows you to upload almost fifty thousand songs on the Google account so that you can instantly access all the songs when you want. Creating custom playlists, playing tracks in the shuffle mode without any kind of limitations are some of the major benefits of using this brilliant music app. To discover as well as to save fresh music or to explore a wide genre of music, you can easily subscribe to this app in the exchange for a monthly fee. Probably the most interesting part of this app is that it not only works on iOS and Android devices but can work in the browser as well.

#3 Pandora

Explore the vast world of music similar to your interests using this incredible music streaming app. If you enter the name of your favourite artist here on this app, other than the songs of that particular artist, Pandora would recommend a huge list of other similar artists as well. If you like any particular song, you can rate it. Bookmarking your favourite artists is also easy using this application. This app gives the best performance when connected to a Wi-Fi. They have a website as well if you want to listen to music from your desktop. The app is available for all major platforms like iOS, Android, Windows etc.

Apart from all these immensely popular music streaming applications, plenty of other options are also available in the market. Shazam, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, Amazon Music etc. are some of the popular apps that are trending on the market today.