Best Free Web Browsers: Swiftfox Review

Best Free Web Browsers: Swiftfox Review

Swiftfox is a fast Firefox alternative for Linux users. This web browser is based on Mozilla Firefox. Existing Firefox plugins should work with no additional configuration. It has builds for both Intel and AMD processors. The program loads web pages fast, starts up fast, and uses less memory than other browsers. It also provides increased security.

SwiftFox offers tabbed browsing, which is particularly useful for those who want to multi-task while waiting for slow pages. If both Firefox and Swiftfox are used on the same computer, the add-ons will be shared from one another. This innovative web browser was developed by Jason Halme and can be downloaded at no extra cost. Swiftfox offers a wide variety of features such as:

• Binary code optimization
• Enhanced security
• High speed
• Loads pages fast
• User friendly interface
• Lots of add-ons and plugins
• Syncing for tabs, history, passwords and extensions
• Tabbed navigation
• Pop-up controls
• Improved tab management

The plugins, themes, and extensions that you have used with Firefox are fully compatible with Swiftfox. Several magazines and web developers have evaluated this software in the context of the fastest browsers. This program is faster than Mozilla Firefox, both in website rendering and loading speed. Its source code is open source; its binaries have a proprietary license.

There’s little that other browsers can do that Swiftfox can’t. This program enables easier and more intuitive navigation, and has lots of customization options. Users can open several pages in one window, integrate third party add-ons, and find links and page text by simply typing. They can also organize open tabs into groups and bookmark multiple tabs at once.

Swiftfox supports plenty of user shortcuts. It also features integrated pop-up blocking, so you don’t have to install third party software to prevent pop-ups. The browser can also prevent Javascript code from resizing or moving your window. Users can configure the permissions for a particular site by typing “about:permissions” in the address bar. Swiftfox also boasts some excellent synchronization features. Just like Firefox, this web browser uses separate address and search boxes.

Although the loading and page rendering times are higher compared to Firefox, the difference between them largely depends on the Internet connection. Its source code is freely available for download, which allows users to create their own build. Users can also remove personal data through a menu item or keyboard shortcut. This software comes with XForms extension preinstalled.