Best Heart Rate Monitor – Just How Do You Go About Choosing Yours?

Best Heart Rate Monitor – Just How Do You Go About Choosing Yours?

There are so many heart rate monitors around that we have become spoiled for choice. With each manufacturer having not only many monitors but the same monitor maybe available with different features it becomes clear just why people will ask the question ” just What is the best heart rate monitor?” Depending on where you get your information, different models will be touted as being the best.Picking the best heart rate monitor will depend upon several factors,the type of training or coaching level you require,the type of sports you participate in,the features you would like and probably the most important the price you’re willing to pay.

Using a heart rate monitors when exercising helps people quantify if they are getting the most out of their workout. This can be the number one reason for using a monitor. When you are exercising, you ought to be able to maintain your heart rate at the correct intensity for a minimum of twenty minutes.The right intensity suggested is about 85% of your maximum heart rate.Therefore ideally you ought to use a heart rate monitor to show you the suitable level for your workout to be successful. When exercising, the maximum rate is calculated by subtracting your age from 220. As an example, if you are 25 years old, your maximum heart rate would be 220-25 which is 195.Using this easy formula will mean your can quickly recognize the extent that your heart beat should not exceed.

Many manufactures will have an bewildering array of monitors to choose from however most of these will fall into four basic groups these can be summarized as Basic-Advanced-GPS and Semi Pro

Basic. These are easy to use and do not have a heap of fancy functions to confuse novices.The straightforward functionality,measuring heart rate with a chest strap and transmitting that information to the wrist watch can be all that they will do. The more expensive ones may offer a high or low beat alert, a time display with an alarm.

Advanced. If you like a lot of options then this is the best heart rate monitor for you. They will all deliver the number one requirement (heart-rate) but will come with several additional options.All these options have a use, you just need to be aware that many you will never use.Some of the most helpful will let you ” Match” your workout program.This tailors your exercise programs to meet your personal goals. Another that is widely available but may be listed under another name is “Own Zone” This keeps you in your target rate zone.The latest monitors have a handy little feature that tracks calories burned. Some manufactures now offer one that is coded so that you do not get interference from other monitors that may be near you.This is essential if using your monitor in a gym environment

Monitor with built in GPS (Global Positioning System). GPS monitors are a little more expensive than the advanced ones but they do offer many of the features found on the advanced monitor with the added benefit of GPS. Handy if you require to know how far and fast you’re going. It will even give you directions home when you have finished your workout.They do tend to be a little larger than th advanced makes.

Semi-pro. Even more expensive, they do come with many additional features.Capable of calculating metrics like oxygen consumption, respiratory rate,the semi pro monitor will be a smart choice for athletes who are closely monitoring their max vo2.This is a a measure used by many athletes to quantity their endurance. Some also include feature the average runner will never use such as altimeters, barometers and temperature gauges.

So in summary. To make sure you get the very best from your exercise routine,making sure you never stray over the maximum limit of your heart-rate you need to choose your best heart rate monitor. The longer you train with your heart rate monitor the greater the benefits. You will become stronger and fitter much faster using the best heart rate monitor giving you an increase in endurance and speed as well as knowing that you are improving at the optimum rate are among the benefits of choosing the best heart rate monitor.