Best Ways To Clean Stuffed Animals

Everybody likes to have cute and cuddly stuffed animals in their home. Kids have a fascination for their stuffed animals, and some of them like to cuddle them all the time. The most important thing about stuffed animals, is that they need to be cleaned regularly. Stuffed animals accumulate dust and dirt very fast, and if not cleaned regularly might result in dust allergy items, which is quite dangerous. So when you buy stuffed animals, either for your home decor, or for your kid to play with, you should have an inkling as to how to keep them clean. Cleanliness is very important for everything, especially when it is kid’s stuff.

The companies that manufacture these stuffed animals provide, instructions as to how you would clean them. However there are some basic things that should be taken care of for any stuffed animal. Keeping them clean is very important for the child’s good health and there are some best ways to clean them. They get dirty easily because your kid will never leave it for a minute, whether kids plays hide and seek in the backyard, or watch TV having snacks or even when they sleep. The tag along with the toy has all the instructions of how to wash them. It is clearly written there whether you can machine-wash them, dry them or about the temperature of the water or do they need to be bleached or not. Everything is provided with the stuffed animals written on the tag and you just have to follow them.

There are lots of ways in which you can clean your stuffed animals and if the animals can be machine-washed it is the easiest way. Just tie the animal in a pillowcase and gentle wash it in the machine. But if the stuffing is of such material that cannot be washed in water then you can sprinkle some baking soda on it and set aside for some time. Then either brush it off or just shake the animal and the stuffed animal is clean. If there is some spot on the toy that has to be cleaned up you should dry the spot and the put the baking soda on it and after few minutes brush the spot gently or a little harder as is the requirement. To dry the animals you can put them near a dehumidifier and in 2-3 days it will get fully dried up and there will be no harm to the fur or the fine hair. For daily and regular cleaning you can just brush it off and it is done.

When young children play with the toys each and every toy should be well cleaned and hygienic. This also comes under the safety measures that should be taken regarding your child and his playthings. You should follow the instruction guide of the toy because it depends upon the stuffing, which allows you to clean the animal in a particular way.