Birthstones, Zodiac Gemstones and Navaratna Gemstones

Birthstones, Zodiac Gemstones and Navaratna Gemstones

The use of modern birthstones can be traced to the writings of Josephus (1st Century A.D) and to the writings of St. Jerome. However the writings of both Josephus and St. Jerome were derived from the breast plate of Aaron. Aaron is the high priest mentioned in the Old Testament.

The Jews also believed that communication with God was easier if a man wore a breastplate studded with gemstones.

The List of Modern Birthstones

i) January:Garnet
ii) February:Amethyst
iii) March:Aquamarine or Bloodstone
iv) April:Diamond
v) May:Emerald
vi) June:Pearl, Alexandrite or Moonstone
vii) July:Ruby
viii) August:Peridot or Sardonyx
ix) September:Sapphire
x) October:Tourmaline or Opal
xi) November:Topaz or Citrine
xii) December:Zircon, Tanzanite or Turquoise

Birthstones by the day of the week:

Birthstones can also be chosen by the day of the week (eg Monday, Friday) one was born.
Birthstones according to the day of the week one was born are as follows:

i) Monday: Pearl
ii) Tuesday: Ruby
iii) Wednesday: Amethyst
iv) Thursday: Sapphire
v) Friday: Carnelian
vi) Saturday: Torquoise
vii) Sunday: Topaz

If the day of the week we were born was not recorded by our parents, how can we determine it? Thanks to the search engines, just type “calculate your birthday” and you will come across many websites that provides gadgets to calculate the day of the week you were born. All you need to do is to enter the month, year and the date you were born and it will give you the day of the week you were born.

Zodiac gemstones were derived from ancient Indian astrology which uses the planetary system and constellations at the time of birth to determine the future course of events in ones life. Various gemstones were assigned to the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

The frequently used Zodiac Gemstones are:

i) Capricorn: Ruby
ii) Aquarius:Garnet
iii) Pisces:Amethyst
iv) Aries:Bloodstone
v) Taurus:Sapphire
vi) Gemini:Agate
vii) Cancer:Emerald
viii) Leo:Onyx
ix) Virgo: Carnelian
x) Libra:Peridot
xi) Scorpio:Beryl
xii) Sagittarius:Topaz

The word Navaratna is the Sanskrit word, meaning nine gems. Navaratna is a talisman set with nine gemstones. Since ancient times people believed that gemstones can influence their lives. The nine gemstones commonly used in Navaratna jewels include ruby, pearl, coral, hessonite garnet, Blue sapphire, cat’s eye, yellow sapphire, emerald and diamond. Superstitions linked to gemstones was common since ancient times in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and other south asian countries. In Indian astrology the nine gemstones have been assigned to the nine planets. The colour of the gemstones should be similar to the colour of the planetary body. The colour of the planet is thought to reflect on the body through the gemstone worn on the body as an ornament. Therefore the gemstone is believed to act as a filter by absorbing evil effects of certain platenary bodies at certain times.