Computer Planet – Computer Planet Review

Computer Planet – Computer Planet Review

Computer Planet sells pre-designed custom built PC’s and allows you to customize it to your own specification. They have three main pre-designed PC’s to choose from-gaming, home/office and media center. I’ll not go into detail on what each type is but I’m assuming that you know that each type will vary on performance and cost wise for its purpose. They also give ratings on the pre-designed systems so you have an idea of what you are getting performance wise. They offer two other pre-designed PC systems called nvidiasli and ati crossfire which are also gaming PC’s that can be customized.

Once you have selected a pre-designed PC on Computer Planet you have the choice to customize it if you wish by clicking configure. configuring the pre-designed PC allows you to change everything including software, components, accessories, build time, delivery and warranty etc. I was very impressed when I used this on the website because there was so much to choose from and as you select something it tells you how much the cost is going to be altered by with a good description of the component etc, the total cost of the system is displayed and updated on the right. I was also impressed by how easy it was to navigate on Computer Planet doing this. A lot of sites fail to have good site navigation but I thought the Computer Planet navigation element was very simple to use.

Building a custom PC on Computer Planet works the same way as customizing a pre-designed one. I found designing a custom PC very simple and easy. Computer Planet lay it out in 6 steps with a base price depending on the processor that you choose. From here you just follow the steps and select what ever components etc you want that they offer. I went through the steps that they laid out to see how much it was in comparison to buying components from other sites and building one yourself. It turns out that they are actually a lot cheaper and they also save you time by building it themselves. On the system that I selected I saved 1000 pounds using Computer Planet than buying of other sites and building it myself. I wanted someone to build me a gaming PC which will last me for the next few years and play my favorite game crysis. My budget was 3000 pounds.

I priced it up on the alien ware website and it came out at just over 4000 but just under 3000 on Computer Planet, great! I also asked Computer Planet to review my PC spec and they replied back during the night within 30 minutes.

Delivery of Computer Planet to the uk is free and only took to wait the 9 days they quote for building and testing. I was updated when they had started to build my dream PC, when they started testing it, final inspection and then when the PC was shipped out. It was all completed in 8 days and delivered to me on Saturday. Throughout the whole process of the order Computer Planet sent me updates on what was happening which was very useful and accurate. There is also fast email response from them and they will send out an order tracking number when your order is shipped. A lot of sites that I have used before took a couple of days to reply to emails or the tracking order they gave never showed anything, so Computer Planet succeeds here.

I was happy to get the delivery when Computer Planet said and it arrived nice and safe with UPS. I opened up the case when it arrived to check if all the components where installed correctly because I was a bit skeptical, after, when I powered it up it worked like a dream, I couldn’t find a fault with it. I had selected liquid cooling so I had to spend an hour setting this up and adding the liquid. Crysis runs sweet as in high resolution and I’m one happy gamer. I couldn’t get my router connected so emailed support and got a reply (within 2 hours) from a guy called Tom from Computer Planet who helped me out.

Overall I strongly recommend Computer Planet to anyone that wants a custom built PC, I have never had a problem with them and I have been buying of them for more than a year now for other friends.

site 9/10
custom options 9/10
ease of use 10/10
price 9/10
speed 9/10
selection 9/10

That is it on Computer Planet I hoped this review has helped.