K3 Solar & Wind Charger – Save Money and Energy and Have it Pay For Itself

K3 Solar & Wind Charger – Save Money and Energy and Have it Pay For Itself

The K3 Solar Wind Charger is an excellent gift for anyone. Just about everyone owns a electronic gadget of one kind or another. More people own a cell phone than a digital camera. But people who a digital camera also own a cell phone. People who drive now have a GPS, even if they do not travel often they own a GPS, because it is such a useful device. That is how the K3 Solar Wind Charger is, right now people all over the world are turning to wind and solar power to have energy for there homes, but not everyone can afford those big types of projects.

But people are able to afford small solar and wind products in order to save a little, a little goes a long way. Start thinking about how often you spend charging all of your devices. All that charging does cost money, and eventually every month, and every year you spend money on that charging. But people are realizing that they can rely on solar and wind gadgets for their charging needs.

Some people have turned to battery back-up but that really does not reduce the electric bill, because you had to spend money on those batteries. And if it is a rechargeable battery, you have to plug that into the outlet and still pay for the power. In order to actually save money on energy bills, have convenience, and know it is eco-friendly is to turn to solar and/or wind powered devices, such as the K3 Solar Wind Charger.
If you want a solar wind charger, you need to make sure that your devices are 5 watts. Because this solar wind charger can charge those types of devices. Most cell phones, GPS units, and digital cameras are 5 watts. Just look under your device where the charger plug would go, the energy specification might also be on the bottom of the electronic device.

Here is an example to get your mind going: If you were to charge your cell phone every night while you slept, and you slept for about 7 hours a day. Your cell phone only needs most of time 3 hours to charge. So lets think about that everyday would be 7 days, and 7 minus 3 hours of charge time equals 4 hours of wasted energy which is still costing. So lets multiply 7 days to 4 hours of wasted energy, which is 28 hours a week. Now lets go further that is 28 hours a week times 4 weeks in a month which is 112 hours of energy wasted which is still costing. That is 112 hours a month times 12 months equals 1,344 hours of wasted energy that you are still paying for!!

I hope that you start purchasing eco-friendly products now, so that you can save a little. And I promise that if you were to multiply how much a watt of energy cost per hour and times that by 1,344. Most solar chargers would pay for it self. So lets say that your electricity per hour cost.12 cents an hour and all you had plugged in was the cell phone like the example above the price that would cost is 161.28 in electricity that you are paying for.

The cost of the K3 Solar Wind Charger is less expensive than that and would pay for itself within 8 months or sooner depending how often you charge your cell phone. Also depending on your electric costs and consumption costs per hour in your area.

This is a prime example of how solar and wind energy devices that are handheld are a useful, practical, and money saving technology. Also with these types of devices you can forget about upgrading software,
the technology built into these things are built to last. And the only thing about this technology is getting better and better. And if you want to start seeing results go to live cofriendly.com