Making The Right Choice For A 3D LED TV

Making The Right Choice For A 3D LED TV

There is so much hype these days about 3D LED TVs and many are wondering why. Television manufacturers say that this television type is going to be the most exciting way to view movies, music videos and sporting events since you get to be “part of the action”. You may have probably viewed a 3D movie in a theatre and have remarked on the amazing way it was made; you can now view 3D channels and movies right in the comfort of your own home with 3D LED TV. This television may be marketed in different names like 100% 3D capable or true 3D TV but basically they are all the same, they use dynamic backlight technology through LED. Here are some smart tips for consumers who may want to purchase a 3D TV:

1. There are many brands that have released their 3D television models in the market and if you want to get the best among the pack, consider pitting these models with each other. Aside from looking for the most affordable (3D LED televisions are considered the most expensive) consider models’ and brands’ specifications like screen size, edge LED capabilities, Internet ready video and connectivity options as well.

2. 3D LED televisions come with their own active shutter glasses. Consider getting enough for the entire family to use. These glasses are often rechargeable and may need convenient pouches to protect when not in use. Experts agree that there will definitely come a time when using 3D glasses is a thing of the past when viewing 3D televisions.

3. To view 3D movies and television channels, you may need to subscribe to cable TV or satellite TV programming. You may call your local provider for availability of 3D channels to fully maximize the use of your brand new television.

4. 3D television technology has grown to also consider manufacturing 3D LED TVs that are eco-friendly as well. Take note of special functions that decrease back light functions when there is enough light. Some models like the Sony KDL-46HX903 3D television has a built in Ambient Sensor that can spot light changes to provide perfect 3D viewing all the time. Glare is minimized and thus reduces reflection even when the TV is off.

5. Surely you have considered where to place your 3D LED TV at home. Prepare a room that can fully maximize your field of vision since this is essential to fully enjoy watching movies in 3D. Consider a room with less natural light and if possible block all sources of natural lighting with heavy curtains as well. Although most 3D televisions have the ability to adjust through different lighting conditions it is still the best option to seal out other light sources in the room to get the best visual effect.

There are many consumer reviews to read about the latest 3D LED TVs, you can read them all online before you flock to shops and purchase your very first 3D TV.