Mobile Expense Management and Wireless Support Services

Mobile Expense Management and Wireless Support Services

Thanks to the advent of wireless technology, there has been an increase in the number of mobile workers who use smart phones, PDA’s, tablets among other mobile devices. This has thus created a need for wireless support services as well as wireless help desk services that will ensure high productivity, data security while keeping mobile expense management to a minimum.

Wireless help desks is a useful strategy and tool in mobile expense management to any organization as it has low overhead costs with no IT persons required to operate or maintain the services offered. It is also time efficient and available to mobile workers, wherever they are and whenever it’s needed. There is no expensive equipment or software to buy, maintain or update thus saving time and money while reducing expenses. The services are available 24/7.

These type services have numerous benefits to an organization that include:

  • Coordination of interactions across all channels in real time
  • PDA integration
  • Availability of extra resources to cover unplanned support emergencies
  • Extra support during mergers
  • Acquisitions and other organizational transitions
  • Supplemental support for internal help desk

The biggest advantage of having this type of a support system is that it supports worldwide data replication. Business and technical staff have access to them from anywhere in the world to all program data on portable computers or mobile devices even when they are not connected to the main database. They enable the staff to work while at a customer site or when there are no connections available to the corporate WAN or WEB.

On the other hand, this type of managing system is perceived by most organizations as a function that is just as critical as other internal departments, and thus has seen the function gain prominence in management of an organization’s overall overhead costs, creating the need for organizations to leverage new solutions to better manage their expenses. Through the advent of mobile travel and mobile expense management applications, business travellers as well as mobile workers have consistent and real-time access to the processes within the typical mobile expense management program.

Managing this type of system can be overwhelming for any size business and outsourcing this function should be considered as well. With the ever changing technology, a mobile management company can provide wireless business process outsourcing services as well as offering customized technology services. These services can be tailor made to an organization’s needs which leads to a reduction in costs.

The wireless business process outsourcing services can include full contact centre for all users, approval policy compliance, standards enforcement, custom communication and all carrier interaction as well as a data technical wireless help desk service which can be optional.