Mobile Phones For Business – What Are the Top Features of a Business Phone?

Mobile Phones For Business – What Are the Top Features of a Business Phone?

In this era of “smart phones” it’s hard to find a businessperson who doesn’t have a phone that can make and receive calls, retrieve voicemail, receive and respond to emails, and connect to the internet. In fact, some would say a business-owner or worker who does not have a phone with those capabilities is downright negligent.

Smart phones allow for almost instant communication, allowing workers to get back to clients regarding emailed questions or concerns almost immediately. A quick response time is always seen as a positive attribute for a business. However, with so many options, it’s hard to narrow options down to just one or two. While the Blackberry has been a favorite of business-owners for years, there are a few other phones that offer a wide variety of powerful features.

New Mobile Phones for Business:

One such phone is the Nokia N95. This phone offers 8GB of storage space, GPS navigation for trying to get to important business meetings in strange places, a five megapixel camera for sending high-resolution images on the go, a large display with 3G video calling, and HSPDA data transfer. What does that mean for a worker? It means this 128-gram phone offers everything one needs to deal with clients while away from the office. With so many features, it’s hard to believe this phone comes in at only $900.

Face Detection Technology:

Another popular phone is the LG KF750 SECRET. With a 5 megapixel camera featuring automatic face detection, a 4GB memory allowance, and a light 116-gram weight, this phone offers speedy internet connections, a built in hands-free mode, and the ability to observe the screen in a landscape or portrait mode. This phone adds up to a tidy price of $512.

If You Are Looking For High Resolution Camera:

Finally, the Samsung U900 SOUL offers yet another 5 megapixel camera, an MP3 player and FM Radio for long trips, Java compatibility – something very few smart phones have, several supported frequencies, and a micro SD slot. This all adds up to a phone that again allows itself to be used like a miniature computer, coming in at $460 .

What makes a smart phone better than the average mobile? With a smart phone, the user has access to practically every feature they would while being at a computer. This is a very attractive idea for those who are in a fast-paced business that needs them to constantly have access to the latest information and be able to communicate with clients almost instantaneously. That’s what a smart phone offers that no other can match. The user has the ability to take and email photos – something that would be helpful for, say, a realtor who has someone interested in a house that wants to get a few pictures that weren’t already available.

A realtor with a smart phone would be able to immediately snap several pictures and email them, negating the need for a digital camera, uploading to the computer, editing, uploading to email, and then sending. A creative entrepreneur can find that a smart phone allows them to do their job without ever touching a computer. The freedom offered by a mobile phone allows businesses to come into the new technological age.