PhoneGap: An Awesome Platform For Business Owners

PhoneGap: An Awesome Platform For Business Owners

With different types of mobile devices flooding the market, most of the developers spend their time creating the same application for different mobile platforms. The rising demand of Android, iOS and Windows phones, has forced the developers to code separate apps for several devices to capture the market. However, this results in wastage of time and money for the developers. To address this issue, multiple app development frameworks are used and PhoneGap is one of the most popular platforms used in the market. It is really a bliss for the programmers as this cross platform runs on a native app and allows you to use HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and all other frameworks. In this article, I discuss about the benefit of using PhoneGap.

PhoneGap is an open source mobile application development platform that is widely used to create single code mobile apps that can run on different mobile platforms. The single code base framework that is packed with lots of features enable developers to write once and run the same code on various platforms and this is why it is in huge demand among business organizations, enterprises and many more.

Business benefits of using PhoneGap

Target multiple phone devices with a single code: As new mobile platforms are emerging, it is important for business owners to target a large audience to remain competitive in the market. To capture the market, they need to create applications for each device separately which is time consuming and costly. With PhoneGap application development, they can design a single code and reuse it as it runs smoothly on all mobile platforms.

Uniformity across all platforms: Earlier business owners faced the problem of non uniformity in the look and feel of the application when it was run on different devices. The user interface of Android app does not match the interface of iOS app and this made the app look very unprofessional to the users. But with PhoneGap, this problem has been solved.

Reduced cost and development time: PhoneGap development has helped business owners to target every smartphone with a single application. Since the code can be reused, it saves a lot of development cost and time, which can be invested in some other important business strategies for its growth.

Greater reach and easy marketing: PhoneGap mobile app developers allow you to target more people using different phone devices like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android that hold top positions among smartphone users. Developing an application for both of them give an added advantage to reach greater potential market and increase sales. Marketing of your products or services also becomes easier as you don’t have to create specific messages for a specific set of users. A generalized message can help you to advertise your products.

The above mentioned advantages of PhoneGap make it a perfect tool for your next development project. But before you choose the platform it is important to understand your requirements. PhoneGap helps to build solutions that are qa one size fits all approach. Know your business requirements and then decide to pick the best platform for your next app.