Satellite TV 101 – What You Need to Know

Satellite TV 101 – What You Need to Know

Satellite television is the latest technology to take over the television broadcasting industry. While satellite television may sound complicated it is really easy to understand.

How Satellite Works
Satellite television is a great concept. Television signals are broadcast and sent to satellites that are orbiting earth. The satellites then transmit the signals to earth. Regular television broadcasts send signals from high towers that transmit out in straight lines. These signals can only travel a short distance because of the curve of the earth. Satellite signals on the other hand can be sent down from above earth so they have a wider range.

You pick up satellite signals using a well-positioned dish. The latest satellite dishes are small and compact. The installation technician uses a special detector to find the best location to place the dish – typically on the roof. Unlike old satellite dishes the dish does not need to be moved once in place. Satellite signals are scrambled. You need a special satellite receiver that is specially programmed to unscramble the channels for viewing. The satellite provider will program the satellite box to unscramble just the channels that you purchase.

What You Need
When you order satellite television programming there are two basic items that will be provided. These include the satellite dish and the satellite receiver. The satellite dish is a small circular shaped metal object that collects the signals from the sky. The dish is connected to your television via a receiver box via a coaxial cable. The television signals travel from the dish to the receiver on this cable. Your satellite company also provides the receiver. The receiver is a small box that connects to the satellite signal cable and distributes it to the television sets. The receiver unscrambles that signal based on the programming channels that you purchased.

What You Get
There are many different stations to subscribe to. These are offered as part of a package and can’t be ordered separately. Packages are great because they provide the options that you like the most. You can usually choose between several package options. You can also add movie program packages that give you access to lots of movie channels or add sports programming packages that give you access to tons of sports channels.

The receiver is also a DVR – digital video recorder. This allows you to program events for recording with one easy touch of the remote. It also lets you pause television, rewind and fast forward. You can record many hours of programming because it is stored digitally on the hard drive. The DVR also lets you watch two shows at once using picture in picture.
Satellite also allows you to watch pay per view movies and sporting events. The remote control lets you order the program quickly and easily. The cost of the program will be added to your monthly bill. You can often see new movies very soon after they are in the theaters. You can record the programs for viewing later on.