Satellite War – Dish Network vs DirecTV

Satellite War – Dish Network vs DirecTV

The services and satellite TV systems provided by DISH Network and DIRECTV are almost similar since both provide more than 250 channels, all digitally programmed, high definition TV options, and Digital Video Recording abilities. On comparing DirecTV to DISH Network it can be found that the difference lies in programming and subscription fees.

A detailed comparison of DISH Network and DirecTV…

Ownership/General information – DirecTV is under the ownership of DirecTV group, which was managed by News Corporation. Its headquarters is located at El Segundo at California, USA.

Slogan – Good TV, Better TV, DirecTV.

Dish Network is owned by the Dish network corporation and was launched in March 1996. It has its base in Meridian, Colorado, USA.

Slogan – Better TV for all.

DirecTV characteristically uses a dish antenna of fixed 18 inch diameter to receive its signals. Usually an 18*24 inch elliptical antenna was in use; however the latest installations use an 18*20 inch dish antenna to receive signals from multiple geostationary satellite positions concurrently. Such systems are common nowadays as DirecTV tries to compress more programming channels into their systems. DirecTV is now installing Low Noise block (LNB) converters for the programming of HDTV and local channels in select markets.

Dish Network provides various kinds of satellites receiving equipment for receiving signals from its diverse fleet of satellites. A majority of their consumer boxes are made by Samina-SCI Corporation to the specifications laid down by EchoStar. Prior to the merger of Sanmina and SCI Systems in December 2001 the network receivers of Dish Network were manufactured at factories in Alambama, Huntsville and Fountain, Colorado. At present the receiver manufacturing is done at Guadalajara in Mexico.

Satellite TV Equipment –

Direct TV provides satellite TV equipment, installation in up to four rooms for free. If one wants a DVR receiver one will be charged an additional fee of $50. The charge for HDTV receivers is $300. Free satellite equipment, free installation up to four rooms and DVR receiver at no charge is provided by Dish Network.

Programming of Satellite TV –
More than 250 channels are offered by DIRECTV which includes music and movie channels, pay per view movies, events. Starting rates for programming packages are around $41/month for 115 channels. At $32/month for 60 channels DISH Network offers programming packages with 256 channels consisting of movie, music and pay-per-view movies and events.

Customer Service

DIRECTV is positioned at #2 position in terms of customer satisfaction among all satellite TV and cable providers whilst DISH Network is ranked at #1 in customer satisfaction among all cable and satellite providers.

The Bottom Line

Both DIRECTV and DISH Network provide top of the line satellite TV equipment and all digital programming for high quality picture and sound available. DISH Network’s fundamental package is cheaper than DirecTV’s, but DirecTV’s Total choice has more channels. DISH Network provides more movie packages and foreign programming, whereas DIRECTV offers more packages on sports.