Sharp Android Watches for Snappy Dressers

Sharp Android Watches for Snappy Dressers

People have been making and selling watches for hundreds of years. Portable timepieces first appeared in the early 16th century. Watch guilds were established in many European cities and a new industry was born. That was more than four hundred years ago.

In business terms, the watch industry is the textbook definition of a mature industry. That is, it is an industry that has passed the emerging and the growth phases. Mature industries tend to have slower sales growth potential and higher barriers to entry, which means it is harder to compete because most of the key players have been around for a long time. Why would anyone want to enter such a marketplace?

Android is one of only a handful of new watchmakers to have entered the market in the past twenty years. Pardon the pun, but timing is incredibly important when it comes to watches. Compared to other industries, watch making hasn’t changed all that much in its long history. However, when it does change, the changes are sweeping; they remake the industry.

The first major change was the shift away from pocket watches, which had been popular for nearly three centuries before they were all but replaced by the wristwatch. The second major change was dubbed the Quartz Revolution. This occurred when a new electronic technology replaced an older, more expensive mechanical one.

Digital watches were an instant, global hit. Not only were they cheaper and easier to use, but they were also more accurate than mechanical models. In time, however, consumers became nostalgic for old-fashioned watches. For as reliable as they are, digital timepieces are far from perfect.

Because they are electronic, once they break, they generally cannot be repaired. Mechanical watches, on the other hand, are powered by springs, cogs and gears. A trained watchmaker can often repair them and keep them running for decades, even centuries. It is not at all uncommon for a mechanical watch to be passed down from father to son, father to son. It was this fascination and appreciation of the past that encouraged a new generation of watchmakers to enter a mature marketplace shortly after the Quartz Revolution.

Founded in 1991, Android is a relative baby in the industry. The brainchild of watch designer Wing Liang, the company has a different way of doing things. While they are mindful of the past with regard to watch mechanics, they look toward the future when it comes to design. Inspired by everything from modern art to science fiction, Wing Liang has designed some of the most original and futuristic timepieces in history. Love them or loathe them, Android watches are seldom mistaken for other brands. Each model offers something completely different. From the shape of the case, the color of the dial and even the watch bands, Android timepieces are, quite simply, inimitable. Let us take a moment to review two of their most popular models.

Android Alien

With its twin dials and stylish silver case, the Android Alien really does look like an extraterrestrial. Don’t ask us how they did it, but the watch truly is ahead of its time. Powered by Japanese quartz movement and protected by a domed mineral crystal watch cover, the Alien is one of the company’s more durable models. The silver-tone stainless steel bracelet matches the watch dial and the fold over clasp is simple and secure. Both dials feature white hour, minute and second hands. The watch is water resistant up to 330 and comes with a two-year warranty.

Android Octopuz

Yes, it’s safe to say that they intentionally misspelled the word octopus. But as you may have guessed, however they spelled it, the Octopuz is a diving watch. And because it is an Android, it also offers a bold and distinctive design. The watch case is made from silver-toned stainless steel and is quite striking against the midnight black watch dial with white Arabic numerals.

Because they are a bit odd themselves, Android designers marked all of the even hours with numerals and all of the odd ones with stick indices. The hour and minute hands are white and the second hand is yellow. A calendar window beside the three o’clock hour marker displays the day and the date. The dial is protected by a watch case that is made of scratch-resistant mineral crystal. A matching black rubber watchband completes the sleek sporty look of this automatic timepiece. Tested at diver’s grade, the Octopuz is water resistant up to 660 feet (200 meters).

Android USA offers a full line of high quality timepieces with unique style and cutting-edge designs. They can be purchased from authorized dealers on the internet and at select stores. Android watches are also sold on home shopping networks on television. Find your favorite model now.