Top 5 AMD Athlon Motherboards

Top 5 AMD Athlon Motherboards

However, selecting a board from the vast range of AMD motherboards out there is certainly a daunting task. Its all too easy to select an incompatible or badly designed motherboard that will cause slow downs or system failures when you set up your new computer.

Here’s a personal list of the top 5 AMD Athlon motherboards which I’d recommend. Check them out – they’re excellent motherboards which will last you a long time.


The ASUS P5ND2-SLI Deluxe is an all new AMD 64-bit Socket 939 platform which gives leading performance with multimedia applications. With SLI PCI Express graphics, Serial ATA RAID, dual Ethernet, 6-channel audio, IEEE 1394, USB2.0 – you can just imagine what power you can get out of this one.


The MSI K7N2G-ILSR offers ard offers a combination of performance and flexibility at a reasonable price. Everything you need is built in: AGP 8X, Serial ATA RAID, dual Ethernet, 6-channel audio, IEEE 1394, USB2.0 and the nForce2 integrated graphics processor. Highly recommended.

Chaintech SK8T800

Chaintech has always made quality motherboards and the SK8T800 is no exception. A Socket 754 platform, this board provides AGP 4X/8X support and incorporates a long list of features. It has performed very well in various benchmark tests too. Overall, a solid motherboard at a very good price.


The ABIT NF7-S2 is designed with the overclocker in mind. Standard stuff is all there: AGP 8x, dual-channel DDR, Serial ATA, 6 channel audio with Dolby Digital 5.1, USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394. Do take note that you buy a board that is version 1.2 or higher. Overclocking was touted to be problem in earlier versions.

Gigabyte GA-K8U

The Gigabyte GA-K8U represents great value for money. Run an AMD Athlon 64 processor with DDR400 memory, SATA hard drive, AGP 8X video, built-in audio sound and high speed USB 2.0 support. This Socket 754 board is best suited for those on a budget but who still want great performance.


So which motherboard do you choose out of the five? Well, if you want extreme performance and screamingly fast speed, then you’ll certainly want to get the ASUS A8N-SLI. For those looking for a better price, I’d say the MSI K7N2G-ILSR and Chaintech SK8T800 are good choices. However, its always best to do your homework. Check out the motherboard manufacturer’s website and make sure you do sufficient research before buying.