Top 5 Best Unlimited Cheap Hosting Features

Top 5 Best Unlimited Cheap Hosting Features

To find great deals in unlimited cheap hosting, it is necessary to be careful, and you must aware the features you have required. In the effort to find best hosting you need to surf many sites as you can and read reviews about cheap hosting providers. Second things you need to discuss with your web developer that in which technology he is working and what is the best features of hosting. Before reading below points, remember there are some companies who are selling shared hosting and stuffing too many sites on a server to making more and more money. However, they have no backup servers and customer support.

Here I am going to mention some important factors of reliable hosting.

Server speed and Uptime
All hosting companies’ offers in hosting plans that they have 99% server uptime but same time they are offering unlimited space and bandwidth to attract more and more customers. Actually reliability based on server load time. If your server becomes over hosted with huge customer then server load time will never stay in balance. In this situation server goes down and your business websites will disappear in front of your customers. Customer never can wait more than 2 or 5 second and might be searching another site that offers the same products and offers. Before buying a hosting plan you need to check that hosting provider have own data center and backup systems. Secondly, you need to review customer feedback on different hosting forums and platforms.

Network Security
Network Security is the important feature as you are going to launch an e-commerce shop, which required secure socket layer installed due to dealing with online transactions. Your customer would expect that your online shop could protect credit card and all confidential information. So, you need to buy SSL certificate included hosting to ensure to customer that they are safe and can submit their credit cards numbers on your online shop without any worries. Our recommendation don’t buy shared SSL try to buy dedicated SSL only.

Email Server
Before going to launch your website you need to make sure that your emails working fine. Try to configure email with Outlook or Microsoft Outlook and test send and receive. An email feature is very important for business promotion and easy communication between you and your clients. Do they support POP3 or IMAP4 or only offer webmail? Make sure that your hosting company also offers SMTP server because most of ISP not offers SMTP server and your emails never deliver to customer through Outlook.

Unlimited Web Hosting and Bandwidth
Unlimited web hosting means you can host unlimited websites within one hosting. All hosting companies offer this service. In the future you may plan to launch and another website. You have no need to pay extra for hosting. You just buy domain name and can host within same hosting. Large storage space allowed you to store images, files, videos and everything else you’ll be able to use and store. Unlimited bandwidth refers to the amount of data transferred from your site to visitors when they browse through your web site. If your website has a large amount of data, daily unique visitors and hits, then you should consider buying an unlimited bandwidth hosting.

Data Backup and Online Support
Data Backup is probably the most essential feature. It is very important to take a backup of your hosting, daily or weekly. Normally, all hosting company’s offers this feature but you need to confirm before buying. Online support is a new way of customer support. As you face any technical problem then hosting can sort issues within second through live chat. Choose right company who offers 24/7 Live Chat Support.