Explore Different Types of Mobile Ringtones

Explore Different Types of Mobile Ringtones

Ringtones were mainly introduced to give a wider spectrum of personalization options to mobile users. The mobiles introduced in the early years of its introduction were compatible to only simple phone bells like the ‘tring tring’ but gradually the concept of personalization in the form of ringtones and other mobile services came into existence.

There are mainly three types of ringtones namely, monotone, polyphonic, and truetone. All these have types have their own distinctive features and effect on human ears.

The earliest type introduced in the market is the monotone or monophonic tone that used the MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) technology and is capable of playing one sound at a time. MIDI is a technology that enables various electronic equipments like computers, mobiles, musical instruments, sound cards, and synthesizers to work in synchronization with each other to control the pitch and intensity of musical notes.

Then there is polyphonic ringtones that also works on the technology of MIDI but is capable of playing more than one notes at the same time. It’s a complex form of sounding system and delivers higher sound quality in comparison to monotones.

The latest addition to the types of ringtone is the true tone or the MP3 tone that is the actual form of the original musical piece. The beats, the lyrics, and the notes are the same as the original composition. This type delivers the highest quality of music and contributes maximum to the profit of mobile ringtones.

In the present era, a huge collection of different types and forms of ringtones have drawn the attention of today’s youth. Everyone having a mobile phone has a unique ringtone set on their mobile phones. The kind of ringtone played on an individual’s cell phone also defines what kind of person he or she is. Everyone have their own choice of ringtones depending on their own taste. So, the mobile companies are continuously introducing large number of ringtones in different languages to suit the needs, demands, and taste of millions of users.

In India, maximum numbers of people go for Bollywood ringtones. Great hits, amazing soundtracks, and enchanting musical numbers have made many of the Indian films a big hit. These include a mix genre of rock songs, pop songs, love songs, and dance numbers that are well transformed into astonishing ringtones. Apart from these there are ringtones taken from various regional movies like Malayalam, Bengali, Telugu, and Punjabi.